As you may be aware, the global supply chain post lockdown has seen some extreme challenges, to say the least. Cars are no exception and, in some cases, it has taken up to 12 months to receive a car from order to delivery. On top of this, manufacturer price increases and interest rate rises have been more frequent. The market has been fast moving in every respect.

We would like to offer a positive plan which helps everyone, one that is fair, encourages action and does not require any financial or contractual commitment. This is an ideal time to protect yourself from the price increases due in October 2022.

We will commit to the following terms:

  • After your test drive, we will help build your perfect car to 2023 specification.
  • We will price protect your chosen vehicle from place of order with Ford until your delivery.
  • We will value your part exchange at point of order. Ensure fairness, transparency and re-look at this one month prior to delivery. To remain fair and reasonable as we would like your part exchange for re-sale.
  • We will not ask you to sign an order form or leave a deposit. However a finance acceptance is required to secure the manufacturer offer and APR from future potential increases.
  • Once ordered with the manufacturer we will give you a copy of your order number and keep you updated.

Please email Stuart Clark, my Group Sales Manager; to book an appointment, test drive or availability of stock.

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Toby Richardson